Seriously, I was supposed to end Justin Lee's sex scandal news already.

But day after day and time after time, Gutter just comes out with new explosive news. And it would be a waste not to read because hell, you wont be getting such news from nowhere.

Anyways, the latest piece here to be shared is the list of celebrities (if you want it call it) or victims of his sex scandal that was leaked weeks ago.

The list of ladies Justin has fucked literally goes from A to Z, LITERALLY!! From Ashley to Bonnie to Cherry to Peggy to Una to Victoria and Zini and many more, only God knows who else were his victims.

And if you have been following the sex scandal saga from Day 1 and looking through the pictures including the latest piece, you will realize one thing and ONE THING ONLY. All the ladies are either comatose (my version of it) or subconscious. This bastard Justin Lee had drugged all the ladies he fucked with!!!
Check out the latest of Gutter's post here


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